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Welcome to Bird Flock. Bird Flock focuses on VPN services, aiming to let every Muggle experience the power of technology.

The magic can be used on the following devices:

SubscriptionDevicesMonthly Data*Price / USD

* Unused data does not accumulate. Data will be reset every month on the purchase date.


Bird Flock users can access Bird Chat (GPT) for free (get website key by shaking WeChat). It is a GPT 3.5 QA service based on OpenAI API.

Plan Configuration

IP LocationServer NameNetflix (Non-Originals)Disney+TiktokVisibility
🇯🇵 JapanOsakaMonthly and above
🇸🇬 SingaporeChangiMonthly and above
🇺🇸 USABig HelperMonthly and above
🇺🇸 USABoeingMonthly and above
🇺🇸 USABoeingMonthly and above
🇺🇸 USADallasMonthly and above
🇺🇸 USALos AngelesMonthly and above
🇺🇸 USAWake IslandMonthly and above
🇬🇧 UKLondonMonthly and above
🇰🇷 KoreaGyeonggiBiannual and above
🇯🇵 JapanKyotoAnnual, Team only
🇯🇵 JapanSoftbankAnnual, Team only
TaiwanZhongshanAnnual, Team only
🇭🇰 Hong KongTsuen WanAnnual, Team only

In summary: The longer you subscribe, the more nodes you can use, and the more native IPs are available. More nodes theoretically mean more stability. If some regions go down, they will need some time to recover (surely not all will be down?).


If all nodes really go down and cannot be recovered, refunds will be issued for the remaining time. If you request a personal refund, one month's fee will be frozen as a handling fee.